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Busy Christmas Holiday For Local Firefighters

While the Christmas holiday is often marked with families having a long weekend off to celebrate and enjoy with family and friends, public safety is always ready and responding to emergencies. This year in Barrow County, firefighters and 911 Dispatchers with Barrow County Emergency Services were kept busy throughout the holiday, including responding to numerous fires. “As public safety professionals we are always working and ready to respond no matter what day it is,” stated Captain Scott Dakin. “However, as human beings we would prefer to be slow over the Christmas holidays, but unfortunately this year that did not work out.”
On December 23, just after 7 AM, firefighters responded to Wilbanks Road for a reported structure fire. Upon arrival crews discovered a fire had occurred in a flowerbed on the side of the home. The resulting fire damaged the siding of the garage, and the power line going in to the home. Firefighters searched the garage for extension, but the fire was stopped before it could enter the home. The fire was caused by improper disposal of cooking materials.
On December 24th, dispatchers received a 911 call just before 10 AM, reporting a fire in the 800 block of Atlanta Highway SE. Firefighters responded and found an outbuilding fully involved. Crews worked to extinguish the blaze as quickly as possible. The building and contents were completely destroyed by the fire. The cause of the fire was the improper use of a heating barrel in the building.
On Christmas Day, dispatchers received a 911 call reporting a fire on Kristen Lane. The callers advised the back porch and the back of the residence were on fire. Crews arrived to find the fire was already under control. Crews removed burning debris from the porch and extinguished it. No extension was found in the home. Crews removed smoke from the home.
On December 26, just before 10 PM dispatchers received a call reporting a fire on Huntington Trace. Firefighters responded and found light smoke in the residence. Utilizing the thermal imaging cameras, firefighters were able to find that embers had gotten in to a void space behind the fireplace insert. Crews removed the insert and extinguished the smoldering embers.
In the early morning hours of December 27th, 911 Dispatchers received a call reporting a fire on Lochwalde Lane. Upon arrival the fire was out. The fire started in debris that was against the side of the home. The fire damaged the siding and frame of the home. Firefighters extinguished the hot spots and checked to ensure the fire had not made it in to the home.
Later that morning, 911 Dispatchers received a call reporting a fire on Glass Road. Firefighters responded and found the side of a chicken barn and the grass around it on fire. Crews worked fast to stop the fire from spreading in to the roof of the barn. The barn was in operation with chickens in it. Firefighters worked with the owner to reduce the stress on the chickens during firefighting operations. The cause of the fire was an electrical issue.
“These were just a few of the many calls we responded to during the Christmas holiday,” stated Chief Alan Shuman. “While in our jobs we deal with these tragedies regularly, during the holidays our thoughts and prayers go out even more to those affected. Our dispatchers and firefighters stayed busy dealing with many different emergency calls and we want to thank them for their hard work and dedication.”